About us

In a world where the availability – or lack thereof – of standard health care delivery can tip the balance between life and death, the urge and burning desire to tip the scales in favour of life was the catalyst for the founding of the Africa Hospital Group (AHG).

Based in Berlin, Germany, the AHG boasts in its ranks vast key contacts in Academia, Business and Government especially in its key operating region in west Africa, and of course in Germany. Plans are underway to expand our areas of operation on the continent.

The AHG is committed to delivering standard, first rate medical care to Africa. It has in its ranks highly qualified personnel in science and medicine as well as banking, finance and in the workings of political economy. We provide, together with our partners, know-how and expertise in realising turn-key projects relating to planning, building and equipping of hospitals.
In conjunction with governments and local investors, we aim to provide affordable and quality health care to a large swathe of Africans, and by so doing stem the phenomenon of medical tourism to the West and the so-called threshold nations.
“Health is wealth” says an English adage. The economic importance of quality and affordable health care to African economies cannot be understated. The loss in real terms in substandard and mostly threadbare health care services resulting in shortened lifespans and untold, avoidable grief has proved to be monumental. We are committed to seeing this project realized in our lifetime in a widespread fashion, for we are – to borrow a phrase from Bill Gates – “impatient optimists”. For we believe that affordable standard health care shouldn’t be a luxury but a basic human right. Indeed, we are wedded to the ideal of providing “life more abundantly”.