U.S Secretary of Commerce commends GE for fostering aiding in the health sector

The U.S Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker has commended global infrastructure giants GE for fostering viable partnerships with Government and other private sector players across industries. Penny Pritzker who is leading a trade mission delegation to Nigeria was speaking when she visited the GE Corporate office in Lagos. The Secretary of Commerce particularly commended GE […]

Why Nigeria is not meeting her Primary Health Care needs, Ex-Minister Pate says

Muhammad Ali Pate on Primary Health Care reforms, the fight against Polio, and the new generation of innovative players emerging in Nigerian healthcare. By, Tolu Ogunlesi.[Prime Times] Muhammad Ali Pate was Nigeria’s Minister of State for Health, and Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Polio Eradication, until July 2013, when he resigned to take […]

A New Dawn

When the unavailability of requisite equipment hinders the administration of the health care delivery your patients need, the AHG is always there for you. We work with you to identify, which infrastructure-mix best suits your clinic and create a corresponding staff-training-plan to help you make the most of the equipment.

At Your Service

You are frustrated about the lack of adequate health care delivery in your constituency? Or about the lack of hospital infrastructure, hospital products and equipment? You are exasperated about the lack of skilled staff to help realize your hospital projects and deliver standard health care? The Africa Hospital Group was founded to help provide solutions […]

It is possible

World class health care delivery is not a concept that is realizable only in the so-called advanced nations. With careful planning and deference to local needs, standard health care delivery is also achievable in “low-resource” settings. Flexibility in planning and execution of projects is our strong turf. A case in point is the realization of […]